Sailing4you offers you day sailing trips at the blue waters of the island of Dia for 4 hours.

Day sailing trip 4h:  If you prefer the 4hour trip you will be able to choose between the morning departure (10:00) and the noun one (15:00). Optionally, we can arrange your transfer, from and to your place of stay to the marina of the Venetian port of Island of DiaDaiPortViewHeraklion. Upon your arrival our skipper will provide you with a tour and a brief description of the boat. The boat is now set to loose the ropes and sail away towards the island of Dia for 1 hour and 10 minutes.
During the trip, the skipper is going to provide you with useful information and sailing tips concerning the art of sailing. If you wish, you will have the opportunity to actively participate in the sailing process either by steering the wheel or by tightening the sheet under the full guidance of the skipper.
Upon the arrival to Dia the boat will moor and you will be able to swim in the crystal clear waters of the island. Dia is a small inhabitable island just 6 nautical miles at the north of Heraklion where the seawater is light blue. You will have the opportunity to explore the rich animal life under-water and if you watch carefully you will notice various broken ancient vessels. The gulf has a view of Heraklion and due to its orientation the weather is always calm.

You will have plenty of time at your disposal to enjoy your swim and jumps from the boat and also to admire the wild landscape of the island that makes it so unique.
Furthermore, the boat is equipped with masks, snorkels and fins that will facilitate your exploration. When you wish, you can have a shower in the stern of the boat and afterwards a refreshing fruit salad prepared by our skipper will be waiting for you. You can either savour it under the shadow of the tent or while sunbathing in the front of the boat on comfortable pillows. Additionally, we will offer you water, refreshments and coffee.

Our return to the port of Heraklion will be either at 14:00 or 19:00, depending on your departure hour. We will say goodbye longing that your experience was unique and if you are lucky enough, to be accompanied by dolphins on our way back, since these friendly creatures love our waters and consort our journeys.

**Optionally, upon prior arrangement, you can choose a lunch consisting of delicious salads and a main course of either pasta or BBQ meat or seafood BBQ, accompanied by wine and refreshments.